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Heya! Long time no talk! I went to Wales this past weekend; it was quite the experience. A group of friends and I took a ferry from Dublin to Holyhead, Wales for the weekend. The ferry was awesome. I had never been on a boat of that size before and I love the water so I was in Heaven. The drinks on the boat weren’t half-bad priced either so that was cool.

We arrived in Wales Friday evening and checked into our b&b, which was a total misunderstanding, but, thankful for all of our friendly faces, we worked something out. The host was only planning for three of us to stay for the weekend and not six. I’m not sure where the miscommunication occurred but it all worked out, I suppose. I think part of why she let us stay, too, is the fact that her tiny little chihuahua liked us way too much for her to kick us out.

Overall, Wales is a place, a place I don’t know how to describe, if I am being honest. For one, we stayed in Holyhead, which is just a port town on the coast and so there was really nothing there. I mean, there was and it is about nine times larger than my hometown back in New York, but I feel like the people were nonexistent. Like, the only people we really saw and communicated with in Holyhead were those people out at night in the random bars, the ones that closed at midnight, but that’s another story.  Let’s just say we all really were craving a Dublin bar or pub or even a club, for that matter, by the time we left Wales.

Saturday was pretty good, we took a train into a historical city called Conwy. There, we went to a cafe for brunch that took way too long to make our food and to even get our coffees to us. It literally took an hour to get my hot latte, and about an hour and 15 minutes for the food to get to the table. There were hardly any other people there when we were so there is no reason it should have taken that long. The weather was amazing, though, so it made sitting there, outside at the table waiting, that much more bearable. We then made our way to McDonald’s to top off the food we just had, with more food and frappes. Not bad.

We went to explore the Conwy Castle after that which was pretty amazing. I felt like a king (aside from being afraid of heights and almost tripping off the top of one of the towers because my legs were tingly and catching myself on the railing causing everyone to look at me like they saw a ghost). Fun times. But really, I really did enjoy the castle and the views and all the history it has behind it. And for being so old, the castle, along with the majority of its walls, were all still standing. Wales was cool and all and I can at least say I have been there, but I was really happy to be back in Dublin on Sunday night.

Speaking of tripping, I don’t know why I randomly forget how to walk. I don’t now if it’s something I eat (or drink) that makes me just trip over my own feet but it’s getting bad. In the middle of the day when walking down the sidewalk, I’ll just trip over absolutely nothing and make a fool of myself. I giggle afterwards to make myself look not so goofy, though. Or does it make me look like more of a goof? I may never know. At work the other day I was walking up the stairs with a coffee in one hand and somehow missed the very first step, right in front of two of my coworkers. I caught myself with my other hand, somehow, and somehow didn’t spill a drop of coffee, but it was still quite embarrassing. What can you do but laugh at yourself, though? Someday I’ll learn to walk like a normal human again.

My internship this week went well, for the most part. They didn’t have much work for me to do on Wednesday, though, so I just made a bunch of phone calls. I am very proud of myself for keeping my cool with one woman I talked with. She was awfully sassy. I was calling chamber members to get a finance contact to send their membership renewals to and this woman told me she had no interest and had no clue what I was talking about in an extremely rude manner and then hung up the phone. Like, I’m so sorry to bother you with my niceness, lady. I got over it real quick and continued on my way, though.

It was sort of one of those ‘had to be there’ moments, but the other day at work one of my coworkers was eating a raw turnip and it turned into a 10 minute conversation. There were so many random turnip facts flying across the room from every which direction along with a few random potato facts, one being that you get worms from eating raw potatoes. We were all dying of laughter at such a simple conversation and it was great.

I think the Irish culture is rubbing off on me just a bit. The culture in which they swear a lot. Quite frequently, recently, I have been catching myself saying the F word, as in ‘WTF?”. A lot. Like, maybe an unhealthy amount. Do I get it from my coworkers? Absolutely. Does saying that phrase help me make sense of things I don’t understand? Absolutely. It solves a lot of things, actually.

I have been asked a lot lately about what I plan to do after college. And quite honestly, I have not a single clue. That question is getting harder and harder to answer as time moves forward, I’m finding. My internship supervisor asked me yesterday if I could see myself living in Dublin after school and I don’t know if it was the start of a job offer or what, but I found that hard to answer as well. I have been very indecisive lately, about everything, and I don’t know what’s going on with me. I talked to my supervisor today and she told me that I am completely fine with how I am right now and that made me feel better. She gave me a couple of online personality quizzes to take and they were surprisingly accurate. For anyone who is wondering, the results showed that I am a mix between an ENFJ, or the protagonist, the letters standing for extroversion, intuition, feeling, and judgement; and ESFJ, or the consul, the letters standing for extroversion, sensing, feeling, and judgement and they were extremely accurate. If anyone is interested in taking the quizzes, they can be found here and here. I am okay with just going with the flow from now on. Wherever life takes me, I’ll go.

On another note, the vehicles and roads here in Ireland are really beginning to mess with my mind. This is the longest I have ever gone without driving since I got my learner’s permit when I turned 16. I was content with it at first, people driving on the opposite side of the road and actually thought it to be fascinating. Now, my mind is playing tricks on me and I fear that I will just forget how to drive altogether by the time I get back to The States in May. Not good.

Anyway, I am off to the Cliffs of Moher this coming Saturday so I am excited about that. I’ll leave you with the thought that we should just let people be themselves. Don’t try to change someone or expect them to change to fit what your mind thinks they should be.

Until next time!


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