Almost two months down… And it’s honestly flying by. I still love this place like I love goats, or as much as I hate spiders, if that makes sense? I saw my first giant spider here the other night, I was about an inch away from stepping on it. It was brown and looked furry and had such thick legs and I yelped and, not going to lie, just about had an anxiety attack. It has been so long since I have last seen a spider like that so it was quite an intense experience for me. Please don’t judge.

I got a haircut last weekend (finally), and I feel like a brand new man. Almost so much that other people seem to think so too. I went into work on Tuesday and at least three of my coworkers had to do a double take, one- a triple take, before they recognized me. I took it as a compliment when my supervisor told me I was intimidating, and another one of my coworkers told me I’m gorgeous. Everyone told me how happy I looked too, but that’s because of way more than just the fresh cut. Just life in general has been so good to me lately, I really cannot find anything to be unhappy about. Except for missing home a bit.

My friend Michela’s parents are in town for the week and I told them they’re my makeshift parents for the week. Good or bad idea? Ehh, not too sure but I was pretty sure that I felt homesick on Monday night for the first time since being here. This is the longest I have ever been away from home, let alone being a six hour flight across the big lake, so I would say I have done pretty well thus far. I felt homesick for a hot minute or two, but I’m over it now. (Don’t take that the wrong way, people back home.) I had my sister send me pictures of my dogs and it made everything so much better. Who doesn’t instantly get happy when they see their puppies?

My internship is still going fantastically amazing. One of my supervisors told me that of all the interns they’ve had at the Dublin Chamber, I am the most efficient one yet. And then there’s Mr. Funny Guy, Rob, over in the corner who says, “Yeah, most efficient one this year.” He’s just quite the joker, he is.

If I had five cents for every F word I heard in the office this week I’d probably have enough money to do another load of laundry. (It’s super expensive to do laundry here, by the way.) My supervisor was awfully stressed this week so he was just going off about everything. Pretty damn funny, it was, and I did my best to not laugh but I can’t ever control myself and I burst into laughter, which in turn got the attention of my supervisor, causing him to laugh. Good times I tell ya!

Ruth, the receptionist at work, started calling me smiley, because, obviously I’m always smiling, and it reminds me of when I was little and everyone called me smiley. It’s a pretty good feeling. I was making phone calls the other day to chamber members and this one woman seemed to be having an awfully bad day. She was not very happy to be on the phone with me, so I kept my cool, and was super nice in return. By the end of the phone call, she was super nice back to me. I guess being nice does pay off… Sometimes, anyway.

Next week is my “spring break” and I will be traveling to London on Monday and Tuesday. I am pretty stoked but also pretty nervous as I’ll be traveling alone. I’m always down for a good adventure, though, so we’ll see what happens! I’m quite overwhelmed by the amount of things my coworkers have told me to do while I’m there and there is no possible way I can do them all in just two days. I guess that means I’ll have to be making another trip to London before the end of my time here. I also have the whole month of May, essentially, free because the semester ends at the end of April, leaving the whole month to travel. So, if I can’t be found right away, keep looking, I’ll be somewhere in Europe!

I have already mentioned that I felt homesick the other day, but what about my car back home? Does that qualify as carsick? I have never not driven for this long since I turned 16 and I really miss it. But, like I said, time is flying by here so I’ll be back behind the wheel in no time, which is also kind of scary, because I’m a tad bit superstitious and don’t want to sound like I’m wishing away my time here in Ireland, because I’m not.

Well, that’s all I really have for you this week, folks, and just remember, just because I’m not really feeling homesick anymore, doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to see some friends and family before I get home. (Hint, hint to anyone who wants to come see me in Ireland, that can afford it, anyway!)

Until next time, people of the internet.


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