Oh Happy Days

What a great week it has been! Everything about it has been amazing and I don’t think I’ve smiled this much in forever.

On Sunday a group of friends and I went to Howth, a Coastal town in Dublin. The day trip was planned for most of the week prior to Sunday so I was pretty excited about it, even though it’s just a short, maybe 20 minute train ride away. One of my roommates and I woke up at almost 1 in the afternoon on Sunday, the time we were all supposed to leave. So I hurried and got around and made sure he was awake and ready to go as everyone else in the group was leaving promptly at one. Soooo, we got up and around and were ready by 1 and waited for a knock on the door from some of the others. We waited about 10 minutes before we contacted them and learned they had already left.

I was a bit mad at first but then we met up with two other friends who were left behind as well. So, that made four of us. We got to the train station… eventually… and made it just in time for the next train. We had to wait a minute or two for the train to arrive. We’re standing there and just as the train was approaching, this older man stands up, clearly an American, or was at one time, and asks if we’re from America, so we answered and he goes on to ask us about Donald Trump and tells us how he really feels about abortion. Not really a great conversation starter. We get on the train and, sure enough, he follows, sitting across the isle from the four of us. I choose to not converse with the man as he’s sitting to my left, meanwhile, my roommate is way too nice of a person and keeps the conversation going.

This man is literally just rambling on and on about everything. Then it got weird. He started talking about his mother, who passed away in his arms because the doctors lied, and about how he was going to get the money for it, yet when asked, he said there was no lawsuit. He then told us about how if he ever could get back to the States that he’d go to North Carolina and “take out all the abortion doctors” on his own. He told us about how his dad used to beat him up so he learned to fight and took care of him and then changed the subject… and that was all he said about his father. I looked over at his eyes and could clearly see he was on something funky, his pupils were the size of needles. He went on to tell us how, once again if he could get back to the States, he’d go to his sister’s house and take away the one she loves the most. Eventually, he asked the four of us how long we were stuck in Ireland for before he got off the train and said maybe he’d see us in Honolulu. Everyone in the car laughed when he got off and then started talking about how creepy he was.

What a strange thing to happen. Long story short, we all concluded he was most likely a schizophrenic psychopath on drugs, who ran from America after killing his mother and father and was going for his sister’s family next?

Anyway, Howth is an amazing place. It was chilly and windy there but the seals in the harbour made it well worth it. As did the view from the top of the mountain along the coast. But the seals really made the trip. I have never seen such photogenic wild animals. And the fish and chips we had before heading back into Dublin were pretty fantastic, too.

Speaking of food, there is an awesome burrito place right down the road from my internship where I went for lunch on Tuesday. Not sure how it happened, but I realized after I started eating my burrito that it had everything in it that the guy behind me ordered. There was no chicken or cheese or anything else fancy in it so I didn’t really fancy it. I was feeling too nice that day to complain, so I had a few bites and went and got Thai noodles.

My internship is still amazing in every way, even if I did fold and place over one hundred letters in envelopes today (without getting one paper cut). Wednesday, for lunch, my supervisors took me to a pretty cool pub around the corner from work. Even though I haven’t slept well this week, I was still fine with getting up early to go to work because I love it that much. Especially when one of my sleep-deprived supervisors goes savage and starts swearing at and about everything. Everyone jokes around all the time and gives me free food, what more can I ask for?

Just one more thing before I go: Remember that your mind is your brush and the world is your canvas. Until next time, ladies and lads!


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