Mind Yourself

Being in a new place, studying abroad, working, etc., is an extremely exciting experience. There is so much to see and to do and you feel as though you have to see and do all of these things at one time. I have about three months remaining on this amazing journey here in Ireland and I have taught myself, for the most part, that I do in fact still have a lot of time left to do all these things I want to do. In the first couple of weeks after arriving, it was so easy to forget about myself and my well being.

Now, after being here for just about a month, even though I have told myself to take it slow, I still seem to have forgotten that I need sleep to remain healthy. All the late nights filled with fun and laughs and dance moves that should never be performed in public; they are all fun and games until the next day or a couple of days later when the lack of sleep and poor immunity catches up to you. I think I speak for more than just myself when I say that.

This weekend was great and everyone had a lot of fun, both Friday and Saturday night. Friday night a group of friends and I went out in North Dublin where we stopped at a karaoke bar where Ed Sheeran and Shania Twain were extremely popular choices for those drunk and or brave enough to let the world hear their awful voices, with the exception of a couple of friends that have great ones. (I am certainly not one of those, but I certainly did sing a duet with a friend to “Man! I Feel Like a Woman”). We went to two or three places after that before heading home, one of which where I accidentally ordered a glass of wine and didn’t want to waste the money I had spent on it so I chugged it. Yuck!

I am far from a wine drinker, and therefore have not a clue of any names of wines. At this bar, there was wine on tap right next to the beers and ciders. I gazed down the line at all the names, looking for something new to try and this one in particular sounded good just by its name, so I asked for it. I was slightly confused when the bartender handed over a wine glass, obviously full of wine. The darkest red wine I have ever seen. And then I realized that I went full idiot, or “eejit” as the Irish say, and ordered a glass of wine instead of a beer. So, like I said, I didn’t want to not drink it as I did pay for it, so I choked it down.

Saturday night was eventful; we went out for a friends birthday. The night was fun when it was young and then everyone just got to the point where they drank too much and got slightly messy. With that said, it is very easy to let your guard down. In a place such as Dublin, where most of us Americans, and I assume even non Americans, have adjusted quite well and feel rather comfortable in the city, it is still very important to mind yourself and your drinks when out and about. As safe of a city it may be, there are still crazy people out there that try to take advantage of others for no good reason at all, especially in a crowded night club with multiple different rooms and floors. It is so easy for someone to spike your drink even just when you glance away from it for a split second. And I suppose that could be fitting for any bar or nightclub anywhere you are in the world. Have fun but be cautious, people.

On another note, classes are going well. The Intro to Photography course I am in is rather interesting and I am thoroughly enjoying it. There is a lot more to digital photography than just taking photos, there is also a little bit of reading and studying involved. And, even though you should read the intellectual material, “Do not read academic work in bed. Your bed is for sleeping and love making only,” according to my professor.

Until next time, friends.


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