“My umbrella is backwards”

Sorry, Mom, if you’re reading this it’s too late. I’m staying in Ireland.

I’m not, though. I have only been in Ireland for just under two weeks and I can honestly say that if I were given the chance, (and received an amazing job offer), there’d be no question of me moving here. I love just about everything about it thus far and cannot wait to see and experience so much more of this amazing place. I have only found one thing I dislike and that is the toilet seat in my apartment. It’s awfully small making for a rather uncomfortable sit.

The first week of classes went well, as did my first week at my internship at the Dublin Chamber of Commerce. The people I work for, and with, are among the nicest on the island. But then again every person is almost equally just as nice as the next. I have heard some students and professors say that for the first couple of weeks at work, the supervisors go easy on the interns, not giving them a large workload and such. For me, I feel as though I jumped right into it but that is completely fine by me. I would much rather have a lot to do throughout the workday than not enough work to do. The first day I was there for only a half day and I was almost immediately put to work, after my 45 minute coffee/tea get-to-know-each-other meeting with my supervisor.

Yeah, you read that right. Tea and coffee are a huge part of the culture here, (almost as much as alcohol is), and if you came into the country not liking either, you most certainly will by the time you leave. My supervisor showed me around the office and introduced me to all the workers and the CEO and showed me the most exciting part of all, my own desk. That’s a super weird and awesome feeling but it’s also a scary sense that I’m a big boy now. And I really went full grown-up, essentially “full dad,” when I got out of work on Wednesday evening and went shopping before I went home.

Yesterday was super wet and windy and almost felt as though I was back at my home campus. Except it’s snowy and windy there, not rainy. On the first day of work this week my supervisor asked me if I had brought an umbrella with me to Ireland and I said no. Yesterday would have been a great day to have one… if it weren’t so windy. In all honesty, though, I don’t think I have used an umbrella since the day I was hit by a bicyclist freshman year of college. I’ll save that story for a rainy day, though.

On my hour and 15 minute lunch break yesterday, I took a walk around the block before I stopped to get lunch. I walked past this real short, old man whose umbrella had clearly failed him; it was inside out with the metal prongs sticking out every which way. He was talking on his cellphone and so calmly said, “My umbrella is backwards.” Now it may have been one of those “had to have been there” moments, but if you imagine a little old Irish man saying that so calmly in an Irish accent, you might giggle a bit.

That’s all I have for now, people. Until next time!


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