Near & Far

I know I have written about such things before, but sometimes I feel as though life is moving at a pace that is way too fast to grasp onto. Like, rope burn through both hands as you’re trying to keep ahold of the “life rope.” Friends graduating, people talking about moving away and about their […]

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The End or Just the Beginning?

What a time to be alive! I think the proper word for this feeling is ‘thriving’. Thriving in multiple aspects of life. Thriving in the fact that I am almost done with my first semester of senior year as a college student and rounding third base for a straight shot home. Even though there will […]

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Think of life as writing an essay. The thought process is all the same, you have to generate thoughts and ideas before you do anything else. You have to think about your experiences and observations and think about what they would look like on paper. The format, the proper word usage, the appropriate content. You […]

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Senior WHAT?!?

Yep, senior year. Senior year of college is here and things are getting real. Course work, friends, adult-ing, random, off-topic stuff your professor brings up during class. It’s been a couple of minutes since I last wrote, mainly because I worked and spent all my time with friends and family all summer (quite possibly the […]

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Want fries with that?

No. No I wouldn’t. Who needs fries when you have everything in your life as it is? Life is a crazy thing and sometimes it is completely fine to take a moment to think about where you are. And right now I am exactly where I need to be. This semester flew right by with […]

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Little Bit of That

Hello, my fellow readers, hope ya’ll are well. What a busy, exciting couple of weeks it has been! As much as I don’t really care for history, I do find a lot of it rather interesting. My Irish History and Culture course took a field trip to the Glasnevin Cemetery in Dublin a couple weeks […]

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Just Life

Heya! Long time no talk! I went to Wales this past weekend; it was quite the experience. A group of friends and I took a ferry from Dublin to Holyhead, Wales for the weekend. The ferry was awesome. I had never been on a boat of that size before and I love the water so […]

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Me Time

It’s been quite some time since we’ve last spoken; I hope you all are well! Two Sunday’s ago I was talked into going out for a few drinks, when I knowingly had an early flight the next morning to London. It was well worth it, though, even if I was extremely tired the next day. […]

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Almost two months down… And it’s honestly flying by. I still love this place like I love goats, or as much as I hate spiders, if that makes sense? I saw my first giant spider here the other night, I was about an inch away from stepping on it. It was brown and looked furry […]

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Oh Happy Days

What a great week it has been! Everything about it has been amazing and I don’t think I’ve smiled this much in forever. On Sunday a group of friends and I went to Howth, a Coastal town in Dublin. The day trip was planned for most of the week prior to Sunday so I was […]

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